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SADC Barometer Issue 6

This SADC Barometer focus on the elections in the SADC states and contains the following articles: SA Elections: A Blueprint for SADC? Electoral Norms and Standards. More Women in Politics. Red and Green Cards for SADC.This article explores two…

Gender Equality in Tanzania: Uproar and Perceived Progress

Gender makes headlines in Tanzania, as when the president attacks birth control and endorses kicking pregnant girls out of school or when fake fingernails and eyelashes are banned from Parliament. Less uproar accompanies government action that act…

Women, Peace and Security Agenda: Somali Women in the Post Conflict Socio-Political Arena

Somalia is one of the post conflict societies in the horn of Africa. It has been and still characterized by conflicts occurring at inter-state, intra-state and inter-communal levels. Although conflicts in Somalia affected both men and women, women …

In but Out in Lesotho: Women's Representation Dilemma

This policy briefing, focusing specifically on the National Assembly of Lesotho, argues that patriarchy, electoral processes, stereotypical gender roles and other foundational barriers perpetuate the marginalisation of women in parliament. Thereaf…

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