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Dakar’s Municipal Bond Issue: A Tale of Two Cities

Currently the rapid growth of Africa's cities overwhelms their central and municipal governments. Strategic planning has been insufficient and the provision of basic services to residents is worsening. Widespread devolution, since the 1990's has...

Analyse Comparative des Déterminants de la Croissance des pays de l’UEMOA et des pays à forte Croissance / Comparative Analysis Determinants of the Growth of the WAEMU and Countries with High Growth

This article makes a comparative analysis of some determinants of economic growth in the countries of the West African Economic Monetary Union and in the countries with strong economic growth in order to propose economic policy measures for the re...

Choix du Régime de Change, chocs Exogènes et Stabilité Financière dans l’Union économique et Monétaire Ouest Africaine (UEMOA) / Exchange Rate Regime Choice, Exogenous Shocks and Financial Stability   in the West African Economic and Monetary Union

It is always a debate at the international level about the choice of exchange rate regimes. In general, the exchange rate instability is unfavourable for the economies such as the members of WAEMU who are specializing in the production of primar...

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