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Welfare Impacts of Import Controls in Botswana’s Horticulture

"The primary objective of this paper is to quantify the welfare impacts of import controls in Botswana’s horticulture. The paper contributes in three ways. Firstly, by quantifying the impact of import controls, it adds to the current understanding o…

Assessment of COVID-19 Effects and Response Measures in Ethiopia: Livelihoods and Welfare Implications

Incidence of COVID-19 pandemic that started in China in December 2019 and then spread to the entire world has adversely affected the world economy and threatened the welfare of populations. Since incidence of the first case on 13th of March 2020 in …

The Economywide Impact of the COVID-19 in Ethiopia: Policy and Recovery Options

This study assesses the potential economywide impacts of the COVID-19 in Ethiopia. It uses a dynamic computable general equilibrium (CGE) model calibrated to a social accounting matrix for FY 2010/11 and covers the period from FY 2010/11 to FY 2029/…

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