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Water Content in Trade: A Regional Analysis for Morocco

This paper reports the results of an application using an inter-regional input-output matrix for Morocco together with regional information on water consumption by sectors. We develop a trade-based index that reveals the relative water use intensiti…

Assessment of Rural Water Supply Management in Selected Rural Areas of Oyo State, Nigeria

"Human welfare and economic development generally depend on the use of water. In Nigeria, water resources management and utilization is crucial to the country’s efforts to reduce poverty, grow the economy, ensure food security and maintain the ecol…

Small Scale Rainwater Harvesting for Combating Water Deprivation at Orphan Care Centres in Peri-Urban Areas of Lilongwe, Malawi

In urban areas of Malawi, like elsewhere in Africa, uncoordinated rapid urbanization has resulted in profuse informal settlements. These are marginal areas of urban development that are often not provided with adequate water and sanitation amenities…

Improving Participatory Water Governance in Accra, Ghana

"The international community has highlighted the need for participatory environmental governance for more than two decades with efforts such as the Dublin Principles (1992) and the Aarhus Convention on Participatory Management for Environmental Matt…

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