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Mapping and Characterizing Water Points in Mbeti South Location, Mbeere District

The study recommends the need to determine the recharge rate of ground water aquifers in order to guide the development of wells for sustainable water provision; mobilising people and sensitising them on the best practices for water management and u…

Capacity Building Workshop For Parliamentary Support Staff Of States And National Assembly (Water and Sanitation Group) Developing Legislative Agenda And Programmes For Waste Management And Water Development At The Federal, State And Local Level

Situated on the west coast of Africa, Nigeria has a population of about 167 million people. The country has been ranked as one of the twenty-five dirtiest countries in the world. Today most Nigerians still lack access to portable water, regardless o…

Survey of Indigenous Water Management and Coping Mechanisms in Africa: Implications for Knowledge and Technology Policy

"Despite the impressive water resource endowments, Africa lags behind other continents in per caput access to safe water, volume of irrigation water, and food security and tops the league of poor countries. Some of the answers to this lamentable si…

Water Governance in Botswana

"Botswana is water scarce, with endemic drought and varied rainfall. In order to meet increases in water demand efficiently and sustainably, greater policy coherence and implementation is needed. The government acknowledges the principles of inte…

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