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Assessment of Community Water and Sanitation in Ghana

The appreciation of the value of water for the sustenance of life began decades ago, even though in recent years that appreciation has shown a marked increase. However, the diversity of conceptualizations of water is at the heart of the debate on th…

Imbalance in Water Allocation Stability and Collaboration within the Nile Basin

The Nile Basin is 3.35 million sq. kms. The principal occupation of the people in the Nile Basin isagriculture. Pastoralism is a supplementary activity for both upper and lower basin countries. The upper riparians, namely, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, T…

Economic Development and the Water Situation in Southern Africa

"This paper aims at exploring the links between macroeconomics/economic development and the demand /supply balance for water in Southern Africa. The authors starts by briefly describing the water situation in Southern Africa and then consider the vi…

Water Management In Federal And Federal –Type Countries: Nigerian Perspectives

"Nigeria is a Federation situated on the West Coast of Africa. The country is considered to be abundantly blessed with water resources and is divided into 8 hydrological areas drained mainly by the Rivers Niger and Benue and their numerous minor tri…

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