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New Thinking on the Governance of Water and River Basins in Africa: Lessons from the SADC Region

"The Southern African Development Community (SADC) region offers useful lessons about governance in transboundary river basins. Given the high number of rivers that cross international political boundaries in the region, combined with the fact that …

The Nile: Is it a Curse or Blessing?

"Historical, economic and political factors are converging to reduce the potential for water development in the upper riparian states of the Nile. In short, unless basin-wide development planning is considered a viable solution to conflict resoluti…

eAfrica: The electronic Journal of Governance and Innovation, Vol 3, August 2005

The special feature in this edition of eAfrica, looks at a study by the South African Institute of International Affairs, which examined successful and failed PPPs. It concluded that before Africa can unleash the potential of PPPs, it must change it…

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