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Realising Water's Potential to Support Growth in Tanzania

"This brief is a summary of Chapter 10 of the 2007 Poverty and Human Development Report for Tanzania. Tanzania has considered water as a scarce resource and as a consequence, a constraint to, rather than an enabler of growth. However the potential o…

Household and Plot Level Impact of Sustainable Land and Watershed Management (SLWM) Practices in the Blue Nile

"Land degradation and water shortages are major issues in developing countries, contributing to reduced economic output, lower growth potential and increased poverty. The immediate trade-off between short-term welfare and long-term agricultural deve…

A Delicate Balance: Water Scarcity in South Africa

South Africa is currently over exploiting its renewable water resources. Moreover, withdrawals are forecast to increase in all three sectors (agricultural, industrial and municipal). Meanwhile, much of the country’s water infrastructure is in disrep…

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