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Equitable Access to Water for Women

This paper examines women’s role as primary water collectors, assesses the barriers that prevent women from easily accessing water, and outlines how CRIDF can work to eliminate or reduce these barriers. The paper examines the reasons behind inequita…

Equitable Access to Water for People with Disabilities

Disability is a multi-faceted challenge to people’s development. It is both the cause and effect of developmental issues: people with disabilities are more likely than able people to be poor and those who are poor are more likely to be disabled. I…

Situation Analysis of Child Poverty and Deprivation in Uganda

Poverty is different for children than for adults. This becomes very clear when we listen to children themselves talking about their experiences of poverty. The importance of effectively measuring child poverty is underlined by the fact that its im…

Bioenergy and Poverty in Kenya: Attitudes, Actors and Activities

"The discussions looked at the key interrelated issues of food, water and energy security in relation to bioenergy at the household level. Questions were asked about the types of bioresources typically used for household energy needs; how these reso…

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