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Taps and Toilets How Greater Access can Radically Improve Africa's Future

"Improvements in the most basic levels of access to water and sanitation can have sizeable impacts on several key areas of human development. This brief highlights the importance of a sustained effort by domestic leaders and the international …

Equitable Access to Water for Young People

Africa has the youngest population in the world. Sixty per cent of Africans are under 25 years old. One of the challenges these young people face is the difficulty of accessing water, an entitlement enshrined in the Declaration of Human Rights and t…

Dam Operating Rules and Community Tools to Ensure Water for All in the Save Basin

The Save Basin is a catchment area of tributaries to the Runde River and the Save River, which raise complex issues for water managers as they traverse the border between Mozambique and Zimbabwe. In a region where rainfall has always been variable…

Nigerian Government doing a Poor Job on Water/Sanitation and Health Care, Citizens say

The COVID-19 pandemic has worsened problems that were already bedevilling Nigeria’s health system, including run-down or inadequate medical equipment, underpaid and unmotivated medical staff, and unequal access to health care. The World Health Organ…

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