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Neither fish nor Fowl(er)? Peace efforts in Angola

Robert Fowler presented the UN Security Council with a 14 point plan designed to strenghten sanctions against the Angolan Rebel movement UNITA. This update explains the current situation in war torn Angola and then describes Fowler's plan for sancti…

The accord of Nkomati: Context and content

"The purpose of the present article is to focus on the Accord of Nkomati in the broader context of Southern African relations, to analyse its content and to compare it with the other non-aggression agreements concluded by South Africa. Part of th…

Mozambique - A country in transition

Mozambique is being torn apart by its colonial legacy, external aggression, natural disasters and ill-considered economic policies. The two most crucial issues are the political and economic future of the country. With independence, Frelimo adopt…

Remediating South Sudan's War-Induced Petroleum Environmental Damage: Environmental Baseline Conditions and Current Impacts

This paper reviews the existing literature to determine the adequacy of evidence and extent of the environmental impacts in the oil producing areas in South Sudan. The following is revealed: Evidence from previous studies shows that there is a serio…

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