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Election Update 2006 Democratic Republic of Congo No 2

"This Update examines the following aspects of the DRC’s 2006 general elections i.e. polling stations, secrecy of the ballot, voting process, citizen participation and voting behaviour."

How the ANC won the 2004 Elections: Perspectives on voting behaviour in South Africa

"In an effort to offer an explanation for the ANC’s electoral victory in the period 1994 to 2004, the paper will discuss the voting patterns of South Africans with regard to economic policies, campaign strategies and alliances. A closer scrutiny of …

Election Synopsis Volume 1, No. 4, 2004

"The articles in this final edition of election synopsis illustrate that these commentators were wrong, and that the actual results of the elections point to enormous complexities and nuances within voting behaviour, and dynamics between and within …

Citizen Engagement in Botswana: Beyond Voting, How much Interest in Participation

While Botswana is widely recognized for its unbroken series of successful elections stretching back to independence in 1966, analysts have long pointed to low levels of political participation and a weak civil society as barriers on its path towar…

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