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Election Talk [Zimbabwe]

The newsletter has various articles that was written by 4 different authors. Kabemba discussed the nomination of candidates and the 2005 Zimbabwe parliamentary elections. Grant Masterson discussed the voter registration qualification and voter regis…

Election Update 2004 Malawi No 2

"The conduct of these primary elections proves the point that parties lack discipline, democracy and fair play in varying degrees. The 2004 elections were the first in which disputes involving candidate selection within political parties came up for…

Election Update 2004 South Africa No 1

This paper comprises several articles concerning the 2004 elections in South Africa. Dr Tom Logde discussed how the system works in his article. Beth Strachen wrote about the Voter Registration Countrywide, Raymond Louw's article is entitled SABC br…

Vote for Peace II: A Report on the 2010 Somaliland Presidential Election Process

On 26 June 2010, the people of Somaliland went to the polls to elect a new president for the second time since declaring independence. The incumbent President Daahir Rayaale Kaahin lost to the main opposition candidate Axmed Maxamed Maxamuud Siilaa…

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