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The Negative Costs of Delaying the African Capacity for Immediate Response to Crises

The African Union (AU) was caught unprepared and highly embarrassed as France, under Operation Serval, managed to stop Jihadi militants from the northern region in their tracks after they launched an offensive bid to take over the running of Mali....

The Impact of the Amnesty Programme on Rural Communities in Niger Delta : Perspectives on the Experiences and Views of Sampled Community Members

This qualitative survey of selected rural communities in the Niger Delta emphasized that the inhabitants of these communities have not felt remarkably the impact of the Amnesty programme in terms of improving their wellbeing. They expressed the v...

Peacekeeping in Africa: The Importance of the Regional?

Violent conflict continues to be a drain on Africa economically, and a disruption politically. Efforts at conflict prevention and peacekeeping have grown in scale with the UN firmly in the lead in the latter with substantial missions in Mali, the...

Women, Peace and Security Agenda: Somali Women in the Post Conflict Socio-Political Arena

Somalia is one of the post conflict societies in the horn of Africa. It has been and still characterized by conflicts occurring at inter-state, intra-state and inter-communal levels. Although conflicts in Somalia affected both men and women, wome...

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