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Women's Contribution to Social Cohesion and Violence Prevention through the Community Work Programme

"The Community Work Programme (CWP) is a public employment programme that provides two days of work per week to unemployed and underemployed people in economically marginalised areas. The CWP aims to be an employment safety net, ensuring a basi...

Reducing Violence in South Africa: From Policing to Prevention

South Africa is one of the 10 most violent countries in the world, despite having achieved massive reductions in homicide levels since 1994. Murder has increased annually over the past four years (2012/13-2015/16). This raises the question of wh...

Reducing Violence in South Africa: Resourcing Violence Prevention

Government budgets are much like household budgets. In households, we make decisions about how to allocate limited income to buy food, pay for education, transport, childcare and so on. In the same way, a government needs to make decisions about h...

Violence and Transition Project Phase 3 (VTP 3): The Transformation of Violence through an African Comparative Lens: Lessons for Violence Prevention

This is a summarised version of the draft consolidated Kenya VTP3 research report. The synopsis is based on two themes; Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Informal Armed Formations (IAF), as part of a larger comparative research project entitled, “Vi...

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