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Nationalisme Vaccinal À L’ère de la Covid-19: Un Frein À L’endiguement de la Pandémie / Vaccine Nationalism in the Context of Covid-19: An Obstacle to the Containment of the Pandemic

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to rage and fuel much political and economic turmoil, a new scourge is crashing down on the world: Vaccine nationalism. As a testimony of the fragmentation of global public health and the erosion of multilateralism…

Les Béninois Approuvent la Réponse Gouvernementale à la Pandémie de COVID-19 Mais Souhaitent une Assistance Plutôt Équitable / Beninese approve of Government Response to COVID-19 Pandemic but want more Equitable Assistance.

Since March 2020, the Beninese government has taken measures to avoid the spreading of the coronavirus. These measures, which are preventive in nature, consist of quarantining travelers or people who have been exposed to the risk of contamination, a…

La COVID-19 au Togo: Les Citoyens sont Satisfaits de la Réponse du Gouvernement mais Sceptiques quant aux Vaccins / The COVID-19 in Togo: Citizens are Satisfied with the Government's Response but Sceptical about Vaccines

Togo confirmed its first case of COVID-19 on March 6, 2020 and has since recorded 6,933 cases with 85 deaths. To control the spread of the coronavirus on its soil, the Togolese government has taken a battery of security, health, social and economic …

Les Sénégalais Approuvent la Réponse Gouvernementale à la Pandémie de COVID-19 mais Restent Sceptiques vis-à-vis des Vaccins / Senegalese Approve of Government Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic but Remain Sceptical of Vaccines

The outbreak of COVID-19 in China in late 2019 has had significant health and socio-economic consequences in Senegal and around the world. To contain the shock of the health crisis, the State of Senegal has adopted a resilience plan. This plan inclu…

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