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South Africa and the GATT

"After years of political isolation from the multilateral trading system, South Africa is now being required not only to conform to the existing provisions of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), but also to sign on to the Uruguay Rou…

Africa and the “New Issues” in the World Trade Organization Framework

"Appropriate and full participation in the WTO is an important element of any strategy that calls for engagement rather than retreat from the international economy. Given the increasingly multi-faceted and intrusive reach of the WTO, the argument be…

Multilateral Trade Negotiations: How Sensible must African Countries and Trade Negotiators Stand? Some Lessons from WTO Experience

It is generally acknowledged that Africa’s participation in Multilateral Trade Negotiations (MTNs) improved both quantitatively and qualitatively since the launch of the Uruguay Round (UR). This is not to say that African negotiators have reached th…

Uganda's Challenges in Complying with the WTO Agreement

"As tariff and tariff-related barriers to trade continue to decline through trade liberalization and regional integration, non-policy barriers to trade like freight costs, standards and quality requirements are increasingly gaining significance. Non…

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