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Urban Areas Performance Index 2017: Nakuru

This brief shows performance of Nakuru town based on three areas, namely: service delivery, conditions for investment and governance. This town's performance was assessed using the Urban Areas Performance Index, a composite Index comprising 67 indic…

Creation of New Cities in Uganda: Social Economic and Political Implications

Urbanization is a global trend and has largely been a positive force for economic growth, poverty reduction and human development. Urbanization is understood as a population shift from rural to urban areas, it is the gradual increase in the propor…

Developing Nyagatare District: Findings from a Multidimensional Analysis

The development and strengthening of secondary cities matter a great deal in the provision of balanced sustainable urban growth for the country. Hastening urbanization through the secondary city development program is expected to improve socio-econo…

Cities - Pathways to Prosperity

"We should recognise the importance of cities for growth, for jobs, for prosperity and we should allow people to exercise choice and move to cities to take advantage of the incredible opportunities that they provide. Phenomenal things have happene…

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