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Dakar’s Municipal Bond Issue: A Tale of Two Cities

Currently the rapid growth of Africa's cities overwhelms their central and municipal governments. Strategic planning has been insufficient and the provision of basic services to residents is worsening. Widespread devolution, since the 1990's has s…

Cities and Rural Transformation a Spatial Analysis of Rural Youth Livelihoods in Ghana

"Urbanization has had a major impact on livelihoods in Ghana and throughout Africa as a whole. However, much research on urbanization has focused on effects occurring within cities, while there is insufficient understanding of its effects on rural …

Cities - Pathways to Prosperity

"We should recognise the importance of cities for growth, for jobs, for prosperity and we should allow people to exercise choice and move to cities to take advantage of the incredible opportunities that they provide. Phenomenal things have happene…

Linking Migration, Food Security and Development, 2012

Two issues have recently risen to the top of the international development agenda: (a) Food Security; and (b) Migration and Development. Each has its own global agency champions, international gatherings, national line ministries and body of rese…

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