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'Updata-ing' the Narrative about African Migration

Migration has become a staple of the news in many countries, filled with images of desperate Africans fleeing an impoverished continent, poised to descend on the West. These reports are not necessarily false, and they can be valuable in highlighting…

An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Government Policies and Programmes on Economic Growth and Development

The purpose of the paper is to review the main economic goals of the current government, examine the implementation of policies and programmes and broadly assess their effectiveness. The economic strategies and goals of the government can be gleaned…

Le Monde du Travail à l’heure du Coronavirus: Une Hémorragie des Emplois et des Mutations en Perspective/ The World of Work in the Time of Coronavirus: A Haemorrhage of Jobs and Changes in View

The labour market is being hit hard by the consequences of the damage caused by the novel Coronavirus. Out of the 3.3 billion employed working people in the world, more than 4 out of 5 are affected by the total or partial closure of workplaces, acco…

South Africans Support Social Grants, but say Work at any Wage beats Unemployment

In South Africa, “social grants” providing income support to poor households have a long history. More than 17 million citizens, almost one-third of the population, receive a cash transfer from the state each month. The largest social grant programs…

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