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Transport Infrastructure in Central and Northern Mozambique: The Impact of Foreign Investment on National Development and Regional Integration

"Numerous major projects are underway or in the pipeline in the energy and mining sectors in central and northern Mozambique, but transport infrastructure is inadequate. As a result, foreign companies themselves have begun to upgrade public roads,…

The Economic Gateway to Africa? Geography, Strategy and South Africa's Regional Economic Relations

"The paper argues that South Africa’s role as an economic gateway primarily depends upon geography, ie upon naturally given and man-made structures in geographical space. Based upon these structures, politicians and businessmen have to pursue the ri…

Tanzania's Transport Hub: What Prospects for Regional Trade and Local Economic Development?

This paper analyses investment in transport infrastructure in Tanzania, in terms of its ability to foster regional economic integration and drive sustainable economic growth that spills over into local communities. It first examines the relevant leg…

Understanding China's Belt and Road Infrastructure Projects in Africa

This paper examines the implementation of BRI infrastructure projects in Africa in light of available information and concludes that African experiences with the BRI are quite heterogeneous. Some of the major borrowers have debt sustainability prob…

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