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Transparency and Accountability in Local Governance in Tanzania

When citizens perceive their government to be transparent and accountable to them - democracy will only grow and thrive. Citizens will support and complement government efforts if the government informs them of how decisions that affect them are tak…

Decentralisation: A Good Thing Being Abused?

"Various official documents enjoin local government units to help enhance effective and transparent governance in Uganda. Decentralisation is the policy under which local governments operate. Local governments here refer to district councils, city c…

Buharimeter 2019 Survey Report

The 2019 Buharimeter National Survey elicits the views of Nigerians on three key areas. These are: reflections on the recently concluded General Elections; policy priorities of Government; and strategies to address lingering challenges facing the c…

Basotho Support Limits on Executive Power and Transparency in Use of Public Information

The principle of accountability, described as early as the 19th century by Alexis de Tocqueville, is central to the functioning of democratic rule. Citizens bestow legitimacy upon representatives to govern on their behalf through the process by whic…

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