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Organised Crime and Terrorism: Observations from Southern Africa

"The prevailing global counter-terrorism strategies and initiatives continue to have a profound effect on many parts of the world. Whether the measures that have been adopted and in some cases implemented will succeed in eliminating or reducing terr…

Political Dissent and Terrorism in Southern Africa

"This paper aims to contribute towards a better understanding of dissent and its role in democracy. The challenge for governments is to manage dissent in such a way that it remains within levels that are regarded as legitimate and normal for health…

Assessing Policy Responses of African and International Actors on the Threats of Transnational Terrorism to Africa’s Security and Stability

The global war on terror and transnational terrorism have come to define the current political climate in the world. Transnational terrorism is everywhere from the United States of America to Australia, from Kenya to France, from Indonesia to Turkey…

Violent Extremism in South Africa: Assessing the Current Threat

This report presented an overview of South Africa’s post-apartheid experience of violent extremism and assesses the threat that violent extremism currently poses to the country. A brief overview is also provided of government's responses to this ch…

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