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The Republic of Transkei two years of independence 1976 - 1978

This report accentuates the difficulties facing the Transkei after independence. Industrial and agricultural development is the main growth points. However the prediction for growth in the agricultural sector did not realize and to become self-suf…

The implications of Transkeian independence

The independence of Transkei will become a reality in October 1976. For South Africa the most important implication of independence will be the influence on the Government policy but successful and peaceful independence could also influence the po…

Chapter XI (i.e. articles 73 & 74) of the United Nations Charter and a self governing Transkei

This paper deals with the question of Transkeian independence and if this territory will fall within Article 73 that deals with Non-Self-governing territories. The solution to this is however not easy to find and as Transkei is still dependend on So…

SAIIA Newsletter vol. 8, no. 3, 1976

This issue starts off with Director’s notes on SAIIA Institute’s functions, branch activities and the Transkei’s Conference. Current trends in South African foreign policy looks at the different views on détente and South Africa's foreign policy to…

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