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Stateless Justice in Somalia: Formal and Informal Rule of Law Initiatives

"This report examines the traditional justice systems in Somalia, including xeer and shari'a, with a view to providing the international community with recommendations on how best to engage with those systems to assist the justice sector in that cou…

Short Commentary on Somalia: Plus ça change...?

"The question now is when the resurrected government of Somalia can reduce its dependence on its external life-support systems and assume a measure of responsibility for what happens in Somalia itself. It is evident that these are early days, and …

Long Walk to Restoration : Lessons from Somalia's Transition Process

"Somalia’s troubled recent history began with the fall of the Siad Barre regime in 1991 and the subsequent outbreak of war among various clan-based actors in the different regions of the country. Since then, all efforts to restore peace, stability a…

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