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Kenya – A Year After The Crisis: The Quest for Electoral Reform and Transitional Justice

"This Situation Report assessess the key issues raised by the Kriegler and Waki Commissions. In specific, it seeks to evaluate the challenges of implementing the recommendations pertaining to electoral reform and transitional justice. There is a...

The Peacebuilding Role of Civil Society in South Sudan

The theme of the seminar discussed in this paper was: “The Peace building Role of Civil Society in South Sudan”. This seminar was held in order to reflect critically on the record of, and prospects for, civil society in peacemaking and peace buil...

How the AU can Promote Transitional Justice in South Sudan

The African Union is mandated to help South Sudan to ensure accountability for past human rights abuses through the establishment of a hybrid court. This mandate is derived from the Agreement for the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan, signed...

Transitioning Toward Gender Justice: A Trend Analysis of 13 African cases

Gender justice sees equal power relations, privilege, dignity, and freedom for people of different genders as a necessary component for any “just” society and a prerequisite for development. Gender justice includes gender equality, meaning subst...

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