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Frelimo and the transitional government of Mozambique: The Lusaka agreement

"In terms of the Lusaka Agreements the terms of which are reproduced in the first part of this paper, a transitional Government has been formed in Mozambique, whose task is to prepare for the coming of independence on 25 June, 1975, A High Commissi…

The Rebels Come to Khartoum: How to Implement Sudan's New Peace Agreement

A peace agreement signed on 3 October 2020 paves the way for armed and unarmed opposition groups in Sudan to join the transitional government, dramatically expanding representation of the country’s peripheries during the interim period before electi…

Peace and Security Council Report Issue No.119

The first article is titled: Why African citizens were shocked by the pictures from Sochi. It discusses the images of African officials in Russia testing and gazing at sophisticated weapons, with visible exhilaration, which have been circulating on…

South Sudan's Transitional Government: Realities, Challenges and Opportunities

South Sudan’s Revitalised Transitional Government of National Unity provides a roadmap to resolve the country’s civil war. But the transition has not been smooth due to profound structural political disputes, deep-seated corruption, inter-communal c…

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