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One Year After South Sudan's Independence: Opportunities and Obstacles for Africa's Newest Country

"As South Sudan prepares to move from its transitional constitution to a permanent framework of governance, the new nation should focus on strengthening the federal system. Already, there are concerns that the centralization of power in Juba is marg…

Understanding the Imperative of a People-Centered Constitution in South Sudan

As South Sudanese warring parties are set, albeit be grudgingly, to embark on implementing the peace agreement they signed in August 2015, a sense of cautious optimism is being expressed, and rightly so. Since it broke out in mid-December 2013, th…

Safeguarding Sudan’s Revolution

Sudan has swung between hope and despair since 11 April, when the most sustained civilian protest movement in the country’s modern history swept Omar al-Bashir from power. Many Sudanese celebrated Bashir’s ouster, seeing him as responsible for econo…

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