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National Legislation, Policies, Strategies and Programmes to Ensure Appropriate Protection and Benefit-sharing of Traditional Herbal Medicinal Knowledge with and by Traditional Herbalists in Uganda

"Today, the importance of Traditional Knowledge (TK) in Uganda cannot be overemphasized given the country’s widespread cultural wealth in knowledge, creativity and innovation. To-date, however, there is a limited number of established laws, policies…

Assessment of Possible Intellectual Property Protection Options of Traditional Knowledge Systems in Ethiopia: Special Reference in Herbal Medicine for Livestock

"This research was initiated to exploit traditional knowledge on traditional herbal medicine with special reference to livestock. Healing with Ethiopian traditional medicine is not only concerned with curing of diseases but also with the protection…

Appropriate Protection, Promotion and Access to Benefit-sharing of Traditional Herbal Medicinal Knowledge in Uganda

"Traditional Knowledge in Uganda as exemplified through traditional herbal medicine enjoys national patronage by individuals. It is acknowledged that this knowledge is passed on from generation to generation. The current and modern regimes on intell…

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