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Elephants, Ants and Superpowers: Nigeria’s Relations with China

"This paper considers economic and political relations between China and Nigeria.The paper first sketches the post-independence history of their bilateral relations, charting a progression from indifference and even hostility in the early years, t...

Welfare and Regional Integration Agreements: Lessons for Africa

In the developing world, regional integration is frequently seen as an opportunity to promote development. However, historical facts and economic literature remind us that the success of economic integration is not always guaranteed, and numerous...

Impact de l’expansion économique et commerciale de la Chine sur la croissance et l’emploi au Burkina Faso / Impact of China's economic and trade expansion on growth and employment in Burkina Faso

China's economic growth, and in particular that of its imports and exports, now plays a very important role in the global economy. In parallel with the increase in China’s investments in developing countries, China has also acquired an important ...

Angola: One year into the Lourenço Presidency. What's next?

This policy brief analyzes Angola after João Lourenço was elected president of the country on August 2017. The election of Lourenco to presidency marks a pivotal shift for Angola’s political system, especially since José Eduardo Dos Santos, the fo...

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