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Has Trade Liberalization in South Africa Affected Men and Women Differently?

"Trade liberalization is a central part of South Africa’s post-Apartheid development strategy. However, despite considerable reforms, the country has failed to generate pro-poor growth, with both unemployment and inequality worsening over the last …

Mitigating the Adjustment Costs of International Trade

The evidence demonstrating that nations gain from trade is overwhelming. However, trade liberalization can cause disruption to firms and workers, and its gains and losses are spread unevenly. While many gain from trade, import surges have sometimes…

Exploring the Relationship between Trade Liberalization and Ethiopian Economic Growth

Theoretical and empirical economic literature has shown that the economic growth of countries is related to both liberalization and international trade integration. The main purpose of this study is to apply this knowledge to the Ethiopian case and …

Trade and Women’s Wage Employment

The main goal of this paper is to address an important question that arises from the interaction between increased participation in international trade, labor markets, and gender inequality; namely, the impact of trade liberalization on women’s acce…

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