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What do Regional Trade Reforms mean for Zambia?

"Zambia is participating actively in regional integration programmes, but little is known about the impacts of tariff reforms associated with such initiatives. This paper assesses the potential effects for Zambia of the trade reforms implied in both…

Implications of an EPA for Kenya's Agricultural Market Access in the European Union

This report commissioned by the IEA, evaluates implications of agricultural market access with the EU under the EPAs as well as the possible compensation mechanisms should there be losses from the EPA. In the light of the findings from the study, th…

Mega-regional Trade Agreements and South Africa's Trade Strategy: Implications for the Tripartite Free Trade Area Negotiations

This paper assesses the mega-regional trade agreements and their implications for South Africa. These mega-regionals are engaged in negotiations and little real information on this negotiation process is available. Assessing the final implications i…

Making AGOA work for Africa

The African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) offers duty-free access to the largest market in the world, and has the potential to be a major driving force in African development. Thus far, however, it has failed to live up to its potential.US impor…

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