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The Costs and Pricing of Tourism in Zambia: The Case of Livingstone

"Tourism is potentially one of Zambia’s best prospects for economic diversification and growth. The tourism sector has the potential to play an increasingly important role in stimulating economic growth by contributing to job creation, foreign exc...

Tourism Sector

"This Investment brief presents a profile of the Tourism sector in Zambia. The objective of the brief is to provide quick insights on the Zambian economy and the existing investment opportunities in the Tourism sector. In 2014, Zambia’s real econo...

Developing Tourism in Botswana: Progress and Challenges

"The analysis indicates that Botswana tourism arrival figures have been declining during the past three years, especially from lucrative overseas tourism markets. The implications of such declines for job creation, economic growth and foreign ex...

The Case for Ghanaian International Tourism Industry

"The decline in the prices of the traditional exports of Ghana, especially gold, cocoa and forestry products highlights the need for greater diversity in the promotion of alternative exports. Stated simply, greater diversity is needed to reduce th...

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