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Do Firms Learn by Exporting or Learn to Export : Evidence from Senegalese Manufacturers’ Plants

The increasing number of literature investigating the impact of trade openness on firm efficiency has not yet provided a definite prediction on the direction of causality. This paper investigated the relation between exporting and productivity on...

Finance and Firm Productivity in Africa: Background Study from World Bank Enterprise Survey Data

Access to finance has been considered to be one of the important factors in influencing firms‘ real activities and in promoting aggregates. However, literature on the relationship between finance and firm-level productivity is almost non-existent ...

Globalization, Trade and Poverty in Ghana

"This volume is one response to the challenge posed by the paucity of recent empirical evidence on the poverty and distributional impacts of trade policy reform in Ghana. The main objective of this volume is to contribute to our understanding of t...

Understanding the Total Factor Productivity Shortfall in Sub-Saharan Africa

"Some argue that Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) is unique and the fundamental policies and institutions that govern income or productivity variation across countries do not explain the total factor productivity (TFP) shortfall within SSA. This study put...

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