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The Timber Trade in Africa's Great Lakes: Implications for Uganda and the Region

"Most of the timber traded in Africa’s Great Lakes originates in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and either ends up in Uganda or transits through Uganda to the region. This trade is set to expand, largely driven by a growing regional and i…

Timber Trade in Africa's Great Lakes: The Road from Beni, DRC to Kampala, Uganda

"The report provides a political economy analysis of the trade in tropical timber from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to and through Uganda via the Northern Transit Corridor. The study focuses on international, regional and local demand-sid…

Making Public Procurement Work for Sustainable Forest Use: Excluding Illegal Timber from Uganda's Market

Uganda is suffering the loss of its forest cover at alarming rates. This is partly attributed to illegal harvest of forest products including timber. It is reported that 80% of the timber on the Uganda Market is illegally harvested and traded. This …

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