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Botswana Textile and Apparel Sub Sector Study

"The textile and apparel industry has been through a number of growth cycles followed by periods of retraction. It would appear that it is now consolidating following the closures brought about by the retraction of the FAP and is poised for a perio…

Trade, Technology, and Absorptive Capacity: Firm Level Evidence across Geographical Clusters in the Tanzanian Textiles and Apparel Sector

Trade-linked technological change has potential to increase incomes in low-income countries (LICs). The most labour-intensive segments of the textiles and apparel global value chain are in LICs. However, gaps between available technologies and best …

Upgrading in Global, Regional and National Value Chains: Policy Lessons from the Tanzanian Textiles and Apparel Sector

With heightened uncertainties in markets worldwide, attention is shifting from global value chains (GVCs) to regional value chains (RVCs) and national value chains (NVCs) as pathways to industrialisation. Focusing on the Tanzanian textiles and appar…

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