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Private Returns to Education in Ghana: Implications for Investments in Schooling and Migration

"This study examines private returns to schooling in Ghana over a seven-year period, and the implications for school investments and migration. The private returns to schooling at higher levels of education have increased for both female and male w…

The Future Prospects of South African Universities

Is there a future for South African universities? For a country that has the developmental ambitions we have, this is a vital question. And its answer must start with the recognition of the very high value of a university degree. The unemployment …

Botswana's Dilemma in Financing Tertiary Education

Botswana like many countries around the world has pinned its hopes on using tertiary education and training as one of the critical vehicles of transforming its economy and society. Accordingly, since independence in 1966, Botswana has invested heav…

Youth Employment Challenges in Zambia A Statistical Profile, Current Policy Frameworks and Existing Interventions

"This paper examines the potential role of research in addressing the youth employment challenge in Zambia, focusing in particular on what evidence is needed to inform responsive policies and interventions. It overviews what is known about how youth…

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