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Kenyan Somali Islamist Radicalisation

"Islamist radicalism in Somalia is reaching into Kenya. The cross-border network Al-Shabaab has built is attempting to radicalise youth to fight in Somalia and conduct terrorist attacks in their own country. This problem has become more severe with …

Securing the Nation: Responding to the Changing Terror Tactics After DusitD2 Attack

On January 15, 2019, Somalia-based Islamic terror group al Shabab attacked DusitD2, a business complex in Nairobi that also houses a hotel, killing 21 people, and injuring many more. The DusitD2 shares a compound with offices of international compan…

Strategies for Deterring Al Shabab Terrorism in the Horn of Africa

This policy brief proposes three potential strategies to deter terrorism in the Horn of Africa: punishment, denial, and delegitimization. Al Shabab’s modus operandi will be discussed, and strategies to effectively target the group will be introduced…

Young Women and Terrorism: A Gendered Approach to Prevention and Countering of Violent Extremism (P/CVE) in Kenya

The involvement of women in violent extremist and terrorist groups is on the rise in Kenya and the Horn of Africa region. Women, as opposed to men, have long been treated majorly as victims of terrorism and violent extremism. Resultantly, women ha…

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