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Cost of Smartphones Continues the Digital Divide in Tanzania

The Tanzanian mobile market has been one of the most vibrant markets on the continent as a result of higher competition and an enabling wholesale cost environment. Consumers have been the beneficiaries of fierce pricing strategies yet this dynamism …

Using Information Communication Technology (ICT) to Enhance Socio-Economic Development - Implications for Capacity Development in Africa

A hallmark of the new globalization, the adoption of ICT — computers, mobile phones and broadband connectivity — is now a key determinant of international competitiveness, prosperity and living standards. Earlier apprehension has given way to optimi…

Telecommunication Ecosystem Evolution in Kenya 2009-2019: Setting the Pace and Unbundling the Turbulent Journey to a Digital Economy in a 4IR Era

Telecommunications and ICTs impact Kenyans’ daily socio-economic endeavours in work, commerce, health, and education, and is the gateway to a bright future for Kenya to continue to deliver innovative new e-government services; where the imaginations…

Technology as an Enabler for Addressing the COVID-19 Challenges in the East African Community

The COVID-19 pandemic has cost hundreds of thousands of lives and damaged economies worldwide. COVID-19 control measures such as social distancing, curfews and lockdowns restricted non-essential physical human interactions, thus impaired production,…

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