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International Best Practice in Schooling Reform What can South Africa learn from other countries?

"The workshop underscored the fact that the South African education system is largely failing the community it is meant to serve. South African learners perform very badly in international tests of fundamental skills such as numeracy and literacy. T…

Teachers in South Africa: Supply and Demand 2013-2025

One of the greatest challenges facing the South African education system is the production of sufficient competent teachers, who can provide quality teaching for all school subjects and phases. Whether South Africa is able to meet this critical ch…

Learning Environment and Performance of Primary Education in Tanzania

Since independence in 1961, Tanzania declared war against three social enemies, which are ignorance, poverty and diseases. The fight against ignorance was to succeed by giving special attention to the education sector. Thus, throughout the history o…

Contract Type and Teacher Absenteeism in Benin: The Role of Teacher’s Supplemental Income

Absenteeism is a phenomenon that has been noted in professional circles with consequences on the income of the wage earner as well as the profits of the firm, consequences that led, according to statistics from 2005, to losses in public finance amou…

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