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Trust in Public Finance : Citizens Views on Taxation by Local Authorities in Tanzania

"Part of the problem of raising local government revenues in Tanzania is persistent public resistance to paying, as evidenced by widespread tax evasion and non-payment of fees and charges. In the standard economic model of taxpayer behaviour, the pe…

What Have We Learned About Tax Compliance in Africa?

Governments’ abilities to collect taxes, largely depend on people’s willingness to pay them. The authorities should firstly have a careful comprehension of how taxpayers think about and experience taxation, before they can encourage tax compliance d…

Strengthening Tax-accountability Links: Fiscal Transparency and Taxpayer Engagement in Ghana and Sierra Leone

There is increasingly strong evidence that taxation can contribute to expanded government responsiveness and accountability. However, such positive connections are not guaranteed. Rather, they are shaped by the political and economic context and spe…

Estimating the Size and Trends of the Informal Economy in Ghana

The purpose of this paper is to quantitatively examine the evolution of the informal economy over the past four decades. The study used the currency demand approach as analytical framework for the assessment. The findings suggest that there has been…

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