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The Distribution of Expenditure Tax Burden before and after Tax Reform: The Case of Cameroon

"This paper concentrates on indirect tax incidence as these taxes constitute an important component of the overall government revenue in Cameroon. In most developing countries where the formal tax base is not well established, taxation of goods and …

Are There Any Reliable Data on Wages in Low-Income Countries? Observations and Lessons from Ethiopia

Administrative data from tax returns have recently become available in many African countries thanks to the modernisation of revenue authorities and the digitisation of tax records. The availability of these data has opened new opportunities for pol…

How Do We Measure Tax Expenditures? The Zambian Example

The objective of this paper is to help inform future tax reforms related to tax expenditure provisions in Zambia. It sets out how tax expenditures can be categorised, measured and evaluated, and provides guidance on establishing a robust framework f…

Caught in a Trap: Zambia’s Mineral Tax Reforms

Investments that involve unrecoverable costs, relies on the good faith of the government not to raise taxes after costs have been incurred. Regrettably, features inherent within the political economy of natural resource industries and particularly …

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