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What are ‘Tax Expenditures’ and How Big are Energy-related Tax Expenditures?

Tax expenditures occur when a government provides a reduction in a tax obligation such that it collects less tax than it would have otherwise collected. Tax expenditures are an integral, though controversial, part of all contemporary tax systems. Th…

The Role of Information Communication Technology to Enhance Property Tax Revenue in Africa: A Tale of Four Cities in Three Countries

Information communication technology (ICT) is an important tool to support local governments in their efforts to more efficiently administer property taxes and other own source revenues. Increasingly, developing countries, including those in Africa…

Can ICTs Increase Tax? Experimental Evidence from Ethiopia

The widespread introduction of information and communication technologies (ICTs) and digitalised data management systems is one of the most important developments among African tax administrations in recent years. However, very little evidence is av…

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