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The Impact of Climate Change on Human Health: The Case of Schistosomiasis and Implication for Research

This newsletter discusses various issues of differing importance. The first article on page 6 is titled the Impact of Climate change on human health: the case of schistosomiasis. This article discusses several mechanisms by which climate change can…

Challenges to Achieving Sustainable Sanitation in Informal Settlements of Kigali, Rwanda

Kigali is experiencing rapid urbanisation, like most cities in developing countries, leading to an increase in the urban population and rapid growth in the size and number of informal settlements. More than 60% of the city’s population resides in t…

African Governments Failing in Provision of Water and Sanitation, Majority of Citizens say

More than half of Africans say their governments are failing them when it comes to one of their top priorities – the provision of clean water and sanitation services, a new Afrobarometer analysis shows. Half of survey respondents say they went witho…

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