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Beyond the signature: Appraisal of the Zimbabwe Global Political Agreement (GPA) and Implications for Intervention

"This Policy and Practice Brief assesses the outcomes of the GPA, appraises the performance of the Government of National Unity and examines the implications of the Zimbabwe situation on sustainable peace in Southern Africa. It makes proposals and...

Local Rules?! The Practices of Conflict Resolution by the United Nations in Liberia

The first part of this paper outlines the theoretical framework. Conflict resolution is regarded as culture specific. In consequence, culture acts as an enabler for local conflict resolution. With culture embedded in a practical approach to confl...

Conflict Trends Issue 2

The first article on page 3 is titled: 'ECOWAS’s Efforts at Resolving Guinea-Bissau’s Protracted Political Crisis, 2015–2019' written by Brown Odigie. This article examines the lingering political crisis that erupted in August 2015 within the lead...

Citizens’ Perceptions on Transitional Justice Processes in South Sudan

In 2013, Africa’s newest state, was on the brink of collapse. Internal armed conflict, serious human rights violations and a divided government led to the death or displacement of thousands of people. A 2015 peace agreement ended the conflict and ...

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