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Climate Change and Transboundary Water Resource Conflicts in Africa

"This paper argues that unless a basin-wide development planning is considered a viable solution to conflict resolution and poverty reduction, such increasing water scarcity is likely to generate more regional conflicts. In addition, the need to shi…

Private Security Sector in Africa: Country series

"As the debate around the private security industry continues, Africa in principle should not be isolated from it, because, if not properly understood, let alone effectively regulated, the industry could cause a major security threat to Africa. As t…

Aid to Africa: What can the EU and China Learn from Each Other?

"With China’s increasing role in Africa, the issue of aid to Africa has been high on the China–EU agenda and the subject of considerable debate. This occasional paper focuses on one area of potential co-operation, i.e. China’s and the EU’s aid poli…

Seeing the Wood for the Trees: Forestry Governance in the DRC

This case study on forestry governance in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) forms part of a three-year project entitled Strengthening the Governance of Africa’s Natural Resources, conducted by the Governance of Africa’s Resources Programme (GAR…

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