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In Search of Zambia’s ‘Hidden’ Public Debt

There is a growing concern from a number of analysts who believe that the true level of public debt may be higher than what is being reported officially. The cover story in this newsletter strives to provide insights on the growing concern of “hidd…

L’Emission de l’Obligation Municipale à Dakar : Le Conte de Deux Cités / Dakar’s Municipal Bond Issue: A Tale of Two Cities

This document discusses the rapid growth of African Cities and focus on the dilemma that central and municipal governments in Dakar are currently facing. It seems that strategic planning is insufficient, as well as deterioration in the provision of …

Analytical Capacity for Improved Prioritisation and M&E

This analytical capacity is a function of a range of factors, including the supply of strong technical expertise in various fields in the education and professional system; a function of the extent to which this expertise is then located within th…

Capacité Analytique pour une Priorisation Ameliorée et un S & E / Analytical Capacity for Improved Prioritisation and M & E

This policy brief considers the following questions: (1) What exactly is meant by “improved analytical capacity” in different planning and M&E environments? (2) What kind of capacity to do what kind of analysis is required? (3) How can countries go …

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