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Corporate Governance in Africa's State Owned Enterprises: Perspectives on an Evolving System

"The African Peer Review Mechanism’s (APRM) Country Review Reports (CRRs) provide a unique overview of central themes in Africa’s political economy, and the insights they provide into corporate governance are particularly useful. State-owned enterp…

Corporate Governance of State-owned Extractive Companies: What Uganda can Learn from Norway.

"The Petroleum Bills of 2012 provide for the creation of a national oil company (NOC) in Uganda. However, it is arguable whether the corporate governance framework will protect the proposed company from the governance challenges that have character…

Reforming NNPC Towards Operational Efficiency and Commercial Effectiveness: Precept 6 State-Owned Enterprises

The Nigeria Natural Resource Charter (NNRC) Benchmarking Exercise Report (BER) 2017 assessed the operational activities in the nation’s oil and gas sector between 2015 and 2017 against the Natural Resource Charter. The exercise sought to unveil the …

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