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Citizen Perceptions of Democracy, Governance and Political Crisis in Lesotho

"Lesotho has been governed in many different ways since its founding as a nation in the mid-19th century, including episodes of both democratic and authoritarian rule. This history is reflected in the ambivalence shown by Basotho in response to q...

Public Attitudes Towards Democracy, Governance and Economic Development in Botswana

"Botswana is the longest surviving democracy in Southern Africa, which others often seek to emulate. In order to observe popular satisfaction with democratisation, an Afrobarometer survey was conducted in Botswana in 2000. The results reflect lon...

State of Democracy in Lesotho: A report on the 2003 Afrobarometer Survey

Lesotho citizens went to the polls to elect a new government acceptable to the great majority of its citizens in 2002. The fears of the ruling party and opposition were quieted by the elections and the installation of a more balanced parliament. T...

Citizens and the State in Africa: New Results from Afrobarometer Round 3

"This compendium reports on the findings from new questions and topic areas explored in Round 3 of the Afrobarometer, involving public attitude surveys conducted in 18 countries from 2005-2006. The bulk of these new questions build upon the theme ...

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