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A Pocket of Stability: Understanding Somaliland

"This paper provides a comprehensive examination of Somaliland's unusual development and current standing as a self-declared sovereign nation. Unlike Somalia, a state devaststed by a perpetual twenty-year conflict, Somaliland boasts a growing civil …

Security and Development in Southern Africa

The primary goal of the Johannesburg seminar was to bring together a group of experts – policymakers, academics and civil society actors – to identify ways of strengthening SADC’s capacity to develop security and development initiatives for southern…

Somaliland: Africa's Longest de Facto Independent State

This discussion paper is intended to capture Somaliland’s journey to end violence, reach a durable political settlement through an elite-negotiated process, form a new legitimate and democratic government, and facilitate a free market economy. The p…

The State of Peace and Security in Contemporary Ethiopia

The path Ethiopia passed through since 1991 has left an indelible imprint on social cohesion, peace cum-nation-building process in the country. Irrespective of a reported economic growth, which however was suspected of marginalising the majority in …

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