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Drivers of Economic Growth in Africa: Opportunities, Financing and Capacity Issues

Africa’s economic, social, and political history largely determines its current economic development. The externally imposed structural adjustment programs and reform initiatives of the 1980s and 1990s failed to promote productivity, employment, a…

A Cautionary Tale of Zambia’s International Sovereign Bond Issuances

"In recent years, Zambia has been faced with the increased need to plug huge infrastructural gaps. However, the slowing down of bilateral and multilateral financing due to austerity measures in developed economies has made the country diversify it…

Towards Building a Fair and Orderly International Framework for Sovereign Debt Restructuring: An African Perspective

The recent history of Sovereign Debt Restructuring (SDR) undoubtedly demonstrates the need for a reform of the international financial architecture. Not only have financial crisis and sovereign default become problems affecting developed and develop…

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